FFP2 mask: what the media are saying

FFP2 masks: What the media are saying

"The FFP2 (for Filtering Facepiece Particle) mask, specially designed as a respiratory protection device, is the most filtering anti-Covid mask. It is intended to protect the wearer against inhaling both droplets and particles in suspension in the air. Wearing this type of mask is also the most restrictive (thermal discomfort, respiratory resistance). Its duration of protection is estimated between 3 and 8 hours. "  Article from January 19, 2021                         

"Austria and part of Germany have decided to impose the wearing of the FFP2 mask in transport and shops, a measure that is gaining ground in the face of the presence of variants of the coronavirus, FFP2 masks being more protective than fabric or surgical masks. [...] All scientists agree on the effectiveness of FFP2, superior to that of other types of non-professional masks "  Article from January 18, 2021                       

"The FFP2 mask protects the wearer against airborne particles, by filtering a very large part of aerosols larger than 0.6 micrometers - the surgical mask, on the other hand, prevents the projection or inhalation of droplets. of more than 3 micrometers. It is above all a personal protective equipment: beyond hospitals or doctors' offices, it is very often found in the building trades or industry, whose activities generate dust or toxic discharges for workers. "  Article from January 18, 2021