Why should every French person be able to wear an FFP2 mask?

Masque FFP2

Many countries recommend wearing an FFP2 type mask

After considering that the widespread wearing of masks was "unnecessary" to fight against the coronavirus epidemic last March, the Government made a spectacular about-face in April by gradually making the wearing of the mask compulsory everywhere. mask.

Even today, political leaders consider that equipping the French population with an FFP2 mask is not necessary: "The alternative or surgical mask makes it possible to protect the population which is not in direct contact with patients". However, if each French person wore an FFP2 mask during their outings at risk, the number of contaminations could be drastically reduced and there would have been no need to re-define.

Example of FFP2 type masks

What is an FFP2 mask?

FFP2 respiratory protection masks are the only masks to protect both the wearer and his environment thanks to their air filtration rate of over 95%. FFP2 masks filter air in both directions (both inhaled and exhaled air) and block transmission of the virus in both directions.

Unlike the surgical mask, which only protects others, FFP2 masks thus prevent the wearer from being contaminated. 

Moreover, the political leaders understood it well, the President of the Republic the first, since in February 2020, while he claimed that the wearing of the mask was unnecessary, Emmanuel Macron wore an FFP2 mask during his visits, so that even emergency physicians did not have them. 

Emmanuel Macron wearing an FFP2 mask on an official visit

FFP2 masks are the only way to truly protect yourself

The FFP2 masks are the type of mask worn by the nursing staff during this second wave; It is mainly thanks to them that emergency physicians who are in contact every day with sick patients have never caught covid19.

If wearing an FFP2 mask can protect caregivers, why can't they protect you? Wearing an FFP2 mask in risky situations (going shopping, visiting the elderly, seeing the doctor ...), coupled with respecting barrier gestures, will allow you to significantly reduce the chances of significance.

Many countries recommend the wearing of FFP2 masks to their inhabitants 

Many Asian countries recommend the wearing of FFP2 masks to their inhabitants, especially frail people. And we see the result, coupled with other measures!

Currently, the epidemic is virtually eradicated in Asia, particularly in China, where the coronavirus was born and where the daily number of cases can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

In China, all people at risk wear an FFP2 type mask in risky situations, such as in the supermarket for example. At the same time, in France, nearly 60,000 new cases of covid19 are diagnosed daily (and many doctors estimate that more than half of the cases go undiagnosed).

Unlike last spring, there is no longer a shortage of FFP2 masks

Currently, there is no longer a shortage of personal protective equipment and FFP2 masks in the global market. The epidemic started 10 months ago now, and the market has had time to adjust to demand.

If during the first wave, it was necessary to allocate the rare FFP2 masks to the staff who needed them the most (hospital services welcoming Covid patients for example) today, this logic no longer applies since many FFP2 type masks are available in the world market.

Where can I buy FFP2 masks?

Currently, on the French market, it is difficult to find FFP2 type masks in shops even though there is no global shortage. Only a few pharmacies sell it, and at very high prices.

In the online store Purchase-Mask-FFP2, you will find FFP2 type masks available and in stock in France. We are a French company, so you will have the guarantee of a fast delivery (in 3 days) and fast. And with the code PROTEGEONSNOUS, you can benefit from an additional 10% reduction. 

Parisian business specializing in safety equipment, we have decided to sell FFP2 type masks at the most affordable price possible because we are firmly convinced that the opportunity to wear a mask that protects its wearer (and not just its environment) should be open to all. 

KN95 mask (Chinese standard equivalent to FFP2 standard)

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