Latest health recommendations in the face of Covid-19 variants

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When it first appeared, the Covid-19 imposed new behaviors and habits on humanity. The famous barrier gestures and social distancing, however, seemed inapplicable. But, with the help of lockdowns and curfews, the entire population gradually got used to it, and these habits are now firmly established. The mask is already considered an essential accessory: impossible to do without. In addition, there is no longer any question of worrying about the distance to be respected, because the habit has really taken over and we now naturally respect a distance of one meter from another individual.  

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Today, with the mutations of the virus and their arrival on French territory from England and South Africa, the time has come to observe the same rules, including wearing the FFP2 mask, but with more rigor . Which is already in the reflexes of many people. It is to provide more details on these new so-called braking measures that the authorities have multiplied their statements and exhortations.

Due to the rapidity of its spread, citizens are therefore called upon to be extra vigilant in every sense of the word and to adapt to the new health situation. Although they may upset old habits, compliance with the measures outlined by politicians and scientists is of great importance in successfully limiting the number of new contamination and therefore avoiding the saturation of our emergency services. Indeed, the Sars-Cov-19 variants are more contagious. What should we therefore retain concretely from these measures?

Should I wear an FFP2 mask?

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The imposition of barrier gestures and above all, the wearing of masks is one of the solutions to reduce the spread of Covid-19. In practice, this obligation for everyone has given rise to a large number of press articles and some confusion.

For the new coronavirus, should we wear ordinary masks or FFP2 masks reserved for medical personnel?

What is the particularity of an FFP2 mask?

Wearing a mask prevents a subject with Covid-19 from infecting those around him. But FFP2 masks, which are in effect medical masks, play a dual role: that of limiting the spread and that of preventing the wearer from being contaminated. This dual protective function of these masks worn by doctors in hospitals is possible thanks to their ability to filter almost all aerosols and fine particles. Today, many people aware of the properties of the FFP2 mask, wear it. But is it right or wrong?

Under what circumstances has the wearing of the FFP2 mask become compulsory?

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In order to better thwart the mutations of Covid-19, in some regions, wearing the FFP2 mask becomes an obligation depending on the situation. Which, elsewhere, does not apply to everyone.

For example in the region of Bavaria in Germany, all people in an enclosed area or in a public place (transport, supermarket or shopping centers) must wear them. At the same time at the federal level, the executive encourages the wearing of medical masks in general (FFP2 or any other medical mask).

As for Austria, it is doubly cautious and decides to extend its post-Christmas lockdown until February. It also requires public service personnel in the workplace and teachers at school to wear only FFP2 masks. But otherwise, these people will have to stay two meters away from others.

What does France say about the FFP2 mask?

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In France, the public health authority (HCSP) advises the wearing of category 1 masks to the detriment of those of category 2. This recommendation is confusing in people's minds, because we do not know with exactness in which "basket" to store the homemade masks and the disposable masks, in washable fabrics or even the FFP2.

Indeed, the distinction between the different categories of masks depends only on a common criterion, namely the filtration capacity. Depending on what we learn from the details provided by Minister Olivier Véran on AFNOR standards, can be considered as category 1 masks, those having the capacity to filter 90% of particles of three microns. We therefore find in this category FFP2 masks, surgical masks, and those made of fabrics manufactured in industries. Regarding category 2 masks, they only filter 70% of these very fine bodies. This is the class of handcrafted self-designed masks.

In short, this means that the authorized masks are those made in industry and those medical (FFP2 and surgical). 

But on this recommendation of the public health authority, the Academy of Medicine remains a little skeptical, pointing out that the validity and effectiveness of the most used masks (non-medical) have, until then , never been questioned. She also explains that such provisions disrupt already acquired habits and can raise doubts about measures in general. This position of the Academy of Medicine faced with recommendations therefore maintains confusion and misunderstanding about wearing a mask in the face of new variants of Covid-19.

Social distancing goes from one meter to two meters

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Apart from wearing a mask, another subject is the subject of debate between the public health authority and the Academy of Medicine. This is the new social distancing which is now two meters. Previously, this same measurement allowed just one meter. But with a strong desire to avoid contamination, the HCSP is doubling down.

The Academy of Medicine faced with the recommendation questions the realism of its application. Is it really possible to keep two meters of distance between passengers in public transport or in public places? She replied that the measure would be justified in theory, but could not be observed in practice. On the other hand, she thinks that the old provisions should continue to be applied. 

Prohibition on speaking or telephoning in the metro

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This is a new rule that the HCSP has added to the barrier measures in the fight against the pandemic. The obligation to remain silent on public transport is imposed on the French in addition to wearing category 1 masks and social distancing of two meters.

Synthetically, while the public health authority (HCSP) recommends wearing industrial and medical masks, increasing social distancing and silence on public transport, the Academy of Medicine is instead encouraging retention of the old rules. This debate raises among the population still unsatisfied misunderstandings.


Even if wearing the FFP2 mask is not yet mandatory in France, many scientists are already encouraging its use for the general public and several countries, in particular our European neighbors Austria and Germany have chosen to impose the port the FFP2 mask in certain places, in particular public transport.

In order to allow French people who so wish to protect themselves effectively from the coronavirus thanks to a mask having a filtration rate greater than 94% of the air inspired and exhaled (it is for this reason that this is the type of mask used at the hospital), we opened our online shopping site where you can order your FFP2 masks at the best price.


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